Jean-François Lanzarone has been a professional photographer for 34 years in Australia and in France. Whilst working at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, he also provided  scanning, photo editing and digital printing services. He created large audio-visual immersive experiences for exhibitions. Jean-François left the Museum after 14 years in 2014 to establish his own business. He now works with institutions and private collectors. 


JFLimaging provides:

  • digitisation and photography services

  • training for museum staff and volunteers

  • archival and exhibition prints

  • audio-visual production based on collection's content


JFLimaging is an accredited member of the State Library of New South Wales' Supply Panel for Digitisation of Heritage Materials – category Negatives and Transparencies.

Digitisation is a complex business and you can benefit greatly from Jean-François’ expertise and approach. He is very practical, offering face-to-face service and advice that is scaled to fit specific budgets and available human resources. He will work with you on-site or off-site if more complex work is needed. Once digitised, your materials can be transformed into engaging audio-visual presentations suitable for on-site or on-line display.


Jean-François’ experience, knowledge of technology and strong Museum background gives him a clear understanding of the best methodologies to adopt for particular projects. He will respond to your specific situations and tailor solutions to suit your needs. Ask him for advice on the selection of appropriate equipment and let him train you to ensure successful outcomes.


If you want to contact him and are worry about the pronunciation of his 'exotic' name... try pronouncing  "Jan Fransua".

If it's easier, just say jf, jfl, Jean or even John...he'll understand. If in a supreme effort, you realized that you've just called him  "Jean Paul"... don't worry,  you're not the first one and probably not the last one! After all, there are so many "Jean something": Jean-Marc, Jean-Claude, Jean-Pierre, Jean-Charles, Jean-Christophe, Jean-René... et j'en oublie!